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Helen Paradise Pre Test Black Belt June 23rd 1970 Heights YMCA

"For those folks who are "old" enough to remember the so called good old days of the "60's and 70's,"  you will find some nostalgia in the hair styles of several of the Uki's shown in the Black Belt Pre test for Helen Paradise.   This seven minute video clip shows Helen during a "warm up" practice moments before her Pre-Test.

The Video is a Black and White film taken with a 16mm movie camera  taken by her husband on June 23rd 1970, and most recently transferred to video cassette and CD.   This video is a rare example of the foundations of Taishindoh-Jiujitsu which became Taishinjitsu (see History of TSD and TSJ)

The opening of the Video shows Sensei's Steve Fine and Don Kiraly, both Shodan.  Notice the Judo Gi worn by Steve Fine.  During the 1960's and to at least 1977, the Judo Gi was the Official Gi worn by students of Taishindoh and Taishindoh-Jiujitsu due to the nature and focus of the program. The secondary focus was limited to several of the Heian Forms.

The body of the video reflects Helen Paradise performing with Don Kiraly as Uki.  (notice the hair style of that period)   Soke Ron Balas is shown as a young Nidan Sensei (wearing a reddish shirt and cup in hand)   Sensei Buddy Cohn, Co Author of Taishindoh-Jiujitsu, with goatee and clipboard assisting with instruction.

We are gratified that many of the old photos and films of the Genesis of Taishindoh and Taishindoh-Jiujitsu have remained in custody of former students (from Main to California) as  historical evidence if not a certain nostalgia, and who now have eagerly come forward more than a generation later to place their old photo's and films in the Taishindoh electronic archives. 

We plan to ad more photo's and film, some dating back more than 40 years and encourage the viewer to check with this site from time to time to see ("old") new additions. 


Soke Ron Balas